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About Us

Thirty-two years ago Mike inherited a small table radio from his grandfather.  This first radio was the beginning of a lifelong hobby of collecting, restoring and selling vintage radios from the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s.    After years of collecting all eras and styles Mike began to focus on the streamline and art deco cabinet designs of the mid to late 1930’s.  Over the years, as a collector, Mike began to focus on acquiring and restoring hard to find or low production radios.

In floor model radios, Mike began to focus primarily on Zenith radios manufactured between 1935 and 1941.  In the radio collecting hobby, these Zenith floor models are highly sought after and have become very difficult to find today.  Mike also likes to restore and offer rare investment quality floor models from other manufacturers such as Radiobar Corporation of America, E.H. Scott and Midwest.

In table radios, Mike collects, sells and restores the different styles that evolved from the early 1930’s through the late 1940’s.  These would include the following styles:  cathedral, tombstone and traditional table sets.  A wide variety of materials was used to make these radios including exotic woods, Bakelite and Catalin.  In table radios, Mike focuses on design and craftsmanship – meaning pieces of high design or manufactured with exotic materials such burled woods, inlays or that integrate chrome or other art deco influences from the period.

Restorations include: